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Quik! Forms Manager - Overview  
Databases and CRMs
Forms Library
System Requirements

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Manage, communicate, report, control, review and publish your forms.

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Only Quik! provides a private website where you can manage your forms. The Quik! Forms Manager is a comprehensive tool where you can manage information about your form in real-time, deliver form updates, take part in the review and publish process (before your forms are published) and access live reports about your forms. Plus it's FREE.
  • Manage all your forms in one place.
  • Real-time control over form names, descriptions, etc.
  • Gain knowledge about how your forms are used.
  • Makes communicating about forms easier.
  • Reduce the time it takes to manage your forms.
  • Track who owns forms within your organization.
Customer Experience
How To Use Quik! Forms Manager:
1. Login to www.QuikFormsManager.com.
2. Find forms to review.
3. View the PDF or edit the form record.
4. Save your changes.

The Quik! Forms Manager gives you control over the forms you own - nobody else can see or manage your forms except your team.
Is This Solution Right For You?
If You...
  • Deliver forms to Quik!
  • Want to make managing forms easier
  • Want fillable, interactive forms
Then this product is right for you.

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  How Does It Work?
After logging into the Quik! Forms Manager, you can view forms, reports and various communications. You can also easily update form information, upload new forms and publish newly built forms.

Why Quik!? Quik! is the industry leader with over 50,000 users and offers the only web-based solution that requires no software to install and no updates to manage.

Client Data Privacy
This website does not store or manage your client data. When forms are pre-filled, the data is accessed via the web and delivered straight to the form and is never stored or saved by Quik!.