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Quik! Digital Signatures - Overview  
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Digitally sign Quik! Forms with either electronic signature tablets or with digital pens and paper.

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Quik! supports signing forms online with digital signature pads and signing paper forms with digital pens, giving you the flexibility of paperless or semi-paperless approaches to digital signatures and processing paperwork.
  • Save 75% or more time on forms.
  • Reduce transaction and archival costs.
  • Achieve paperless straight-through-processing.
  • Ensure end-user adoption with easy-to-use technology.
  • Improve compliance and management of signed forms.
  • Digital signatures are impressive and professional.
Customer Experience
"Your straight-through-process isn't complete without digital signatures, and Quik! offers the best of both worlds: internal users sign electronically, while field users sign with digital ink and paper."
 -Richard Walker
President, Efficient Technology Inc
Is This Solution Right For You?
If You...
  • Have internal users who need to sign off on electronic documents
  • Employ users in the field who need to sign documents digitally
  • Want to ensure 100% adoption of your paperless solution
Then this product is right for you.

Digital signatures work with all Quik! products...
  How Does It Work?
Signature tablets work by allowing the user to click the signature field and write in their signature using the tablet device - entirely electronically.

Digital pens enable users to print their forms, sign them using the digital pen and then submit the electronic version of the document.

Why Quik!?
Quik! is the industry leader with over 50,000 users and offers the only web-based solution that requires no software to install and no updates to manage.

Client Data Privacy
This website does not store or manage your client data. When forms are pre-filled, the data is accessed via the web and delivered straight to the form and is never stored or saved by Quik!.