Quik! Enterprise Forms Automation Solutions Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions  
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"Thanks to Quik! we have completely automated how our advisors do business and fill out forms. Using Quik! we were able to reach our cost-savings targets twice as fast and to reduce our operations staff significantly."
- Brian Propes, Former CEO of NFP Securities, Inc

FAQs For Enterprises (Broker/Dealers and Product Companies)
The most frequently asked questions about Quik! enterprise solutions are shown below - click the question to expand the answer. There are additional FAQs for each of our product categories (see the list at the bottom of the page). If you need additional assistance, please contact us.

What does Quik! do for financial service companies?
For financial service companies looking for a way to offer forms automation solutions to their advisors, Quik! offers both 100% web-based and end-user-based solutions. Using Quik! Enterprise Solutions you can enable your advisors to pre-fill, generate, save, sign and submit forms via your website with NO software to install. Or, depending on your needs, you can also offer advisors the Quik! Forms Library ENTERPRISE software that is a complete turn-key system for a very low price. We have found that most broker/dealers have a mix of advisors that prefer either desktop- or web-based solutions. With Quik!, you get the best of both options, ensuring you can reach 100% adoption of your forms-based initiatives.
Which products are best for financial service companies?
Financial service companies can benefit from many Quik! products including:
- Quik! Forms Building Service – we turn your forms into fillable PDFs
- Quik! Forms Manager – forms management and communication website
- Quik! Forms Enterprise Tools – generate, pre-fill, save and process forms
- Quik! E-Signature Solutions – enable users to sign forms electronically
- Quik! Forms Library ENTERPRISE – desktop tool for advisors to use
- Quik! Transition System – a comprehensive service for transitioning new advisors
Is Quik! an enterprise solution, with web-based technologies?
Yes. Quik! is the leading web-based enterprise forms solution provider. Our solutions are both comprehensive and modular, allowing you to build, integrate and/or deploy the features you need, when you need them. Quik! web-based technologies include:
- Generate and pre-fill forms from the web
- Save forms to the web
What does Quik! cost?
Quik! enterprise solutions are offered as a flat monthly price with unlimited usage. The solution includes the cost of building forms, unlimited users, unlimited access to public forms in our library and unlimited support and upgrades. Quik! also has several partners that have integrated the Quik! Enterprise solutions into their offering at various price points and service levels (see our partner page for more information).
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