Quik! Enterprise Forms Automation Solutions Reduce forms processing and
NIGO costs by 95% or more.
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"Thanks to Quik! we have completely automated how our advisors do business and fill out forms. Using Quik! we were able to reach our cost-savings targets twice as fast and to reduce our operations staff significantly."
- Brian Propes, Former CEO of NFP Securities, Inc

Quik! Enterprise Forms Automation Solutions Quik! makes straight-through-processing a reality Prefill, save, submit, and process forms electronically Quik! Forms Enterprise reduces NIGOs by 95% E-sign forms for a completely paperless process Find out how your firm can benefit from a Quik! Enterprise Forms Automation Solution
Save Time, Money and Effort With Straight-Through-Processing.
Designed specifically for firms with 100 or more users, Quik! makes it possible to integrate all your legacy systems together to fully automate the new account opening process and direct business paperwork.
Deliver forms automation to your users today!
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Contact us to find out how Quik! has changed the way new accounts are opened and how NIGO transaction costs are reduced by 95% or more.
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Try Quik! Forms for free and find out for yourself why Quik! is the industry leader in forms automation.
Quik! Facts:
- Enterprise solutions have been in use since 2004
- Quik! enables users to prefill, save and submit forms
- Prefilling software can be hosted by ETI or by you
- Uses FREE Adobe Reader; no other software required
- 100% web-based solutions (.NET or Java)